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SNV Annual Report 2020


A year in review

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CEO message

Despite the constraints of operating within a markedly different global context than anticipated at the beginning of 2020, through last year we were able to positively and measurably impact the lives of over 5 million people across 26 countries, with many more continuing to benefit from the changes in systems that we have been able to contribute to.  
As you will read in this report, the work we are doing to strengthen inclusive agricultural value chains, increase access to clean water and sanitation, and enable innovative approaches to both climate change adaption and mitigation, is extensive and increasingly vital if we are to continue to make progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Part of our ability to navigate the uncertainty resulting from the pandemic and to continue contributing as much positive impact as possible stems from our focus, built around our core areas of competence in relation to agriculture, energy, and water and sanitation. Highlights from our work in these areas are included in this report.

Simon O’ Connell, CEO, SNV
On behalf of the Managing Board
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SNV in 2020

In 2020, SNV helped to measurably improve the lives of 5 million people living in poverty through increasing incomes and access to basic services. At the same time, we made significant contributions to systems change.

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We have had operations in most of these countries for decades, enabling us to acquire a depth of contextual understanding and knowledge, and allowing us to build long-term partnerships.
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SNV, like the rest of the world, experienced a year of unprecedented uncertainty. The past year has been extraordinary and has brought much external challenge and change. The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the way we work, the way we provide our services, and the way we organise ourselves. 

SNV’s management and teams across the world reacted quickly to the developments of the crisis. Team member safety was our number one priority, always being compliant with local COVID-19 regulations. We took quick measures and initiatives, adjusting our project implementation to continue our work on the ground as much as possible.
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SNV sectors

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SNV implements a large and diverse agriculture portfolio. In 2020, we measurably improved the lives of 1.1 million people through increased incomes, enhanced food security, and enabling solutions to the climate crisis. 
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Our energy portfolio measurably reached 1.5 million people in 14 countries in 2020. The vast majority of this relates to people with new access to sustainable and affordable energy. We also reduced emissions by the equivalent over 600,000 tonnes of CO2.
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In 2020, our water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) activities directly contributed to 2.5 million people in 18 countries gaining access to WASH. We measured 1.2 million people gaining access to, and use of, sanitation, and over 0.6 million people gaining access to basic drinking water supply services. An additional 0.9 million people now practice handwashing with soap after defecation. 
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Our projects do not just deliver direct results. They also aim to contribute to changing the systems which trap people in poverty. Our projects intend to influence markets and governance processes to function better by kickstarting markets, supporting governments and other actors to improve their service delivery, and improving government and market accountability. We focus on projects that provide opportunities to create sustainable, large-scale impact. 
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